chocolate cookie
white chocolate cookie


Giant, Soft Eating, Handmade Goodies 

Double Chocolate

Our handmade Belgium Chocolate Cookie topped with milk chocolate chunks is a perfect alternative to an ordinary chocolate bar.  

Toffee & Butterscotch

Our handmade Toffee & Butterscotch cookie contains luxury Caramel and is topped with a special recipe Toffee & Butterscotch pieces.  

White Chocolate Chip

Our handmade oatie cookie is not only dipped in white chocolate chunks put also has pieces throughout. to give that extra flavour.

Toffee cookie

Milk Chocolate Bean

Our Chocolate Bean Cookie is made out of the same recipe as our double chocolate cookie meaning it contains a delicious Belgium chocolate but is then topped with crunchy milk chocolate beans.

chocolate bean cookie
sultana cookie

Oat & Sultana

Our yummy oatie cookie filled with juicy sultanas throughout is a perfect treat for a not so sweet tooth.