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Classic Flap Jack.jpg

Traditional Flapjack

Handmade Traditional Flapjack in a square insert. 

Sleeved Products

Handmade Goodies 

Sticky Lemon Drizzle.jpg

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Handmade Lemon Sponge with a sticky lemon drizzle on top. 

chocolate cake

Velvet Chocolate Cake

Handmade velvet chocolate cake with milk chocolate chunks throughout.  

rich fruit cake

Rich Fruit Cake

Handmade Bakewell flavoured Flapjack topped with white chocolate flavoured coating. 

tiffin cookie

Tiffin Cookie

Handmade Tiffin Flavoured cookie.  This is a specially developed recipe representing a traditional tiffin tray bake in the form of a cookie.  A sweet, chocolatey, fruity cookies with a crunchy edge.

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